Why We celebrate Gyarvi Sharif (Gaus-e-Azam)

Gyarvi Sharif(Gaus-E-Azam)

Rabi-ul-Akhir aka Rabi al-Thani is the 4th month of the Islamic calendar. On the 11th day of this month is the death anniversary of the King of Baghdad, Huzoor Ghaus-ul-Azam, Abdul Qadir Jilani رضي الله عنه. Muslims throughout the world this month passionately make arrangements to offer Niyaaz and Fateha of the Saint of Baghdad and also visit to ziyarat of Gaus-e-Azam رضي الله عنه. In addition, much charity is given in the names of the saints of Islam as a means of conveying reward to these blessed souls from which not only the poor people and beggars take benefit a great deal, but the souls of the believers also obtain peace, contentment, and enlightenment.

It is also said that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to hold a gathering to feed the poor people on the 11th day of every Islamic month. This event was followed by Sultan al-Awliya, Gaus-e-Azam, Shaikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani رضي الله عنه. Hazrath Syedna Ghous E Azzam Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani رضي الله عنه used to arrange a feast for the Esaal-e-Sawaab of the best of creation, Hazrath Muhammad-e-Mustafa Ahmad-e-Mujtaba Noor Ul Hudaa ﷺ on the 12th of every month. So today Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jaamath following the same act of Ghous-e-Azzam رضي الله عنه arrange 11vi sharif on the 11th (also the date when Ghous-e-Azzam رضي الله عنه was born) so That Ghous-e-Pak can present this Esaal-e-Sawaab on the 12th to our beloved Prophet ﷺ.

By Esaale Sawaab is meant “conveying the reward of” – In this respect, there is a Hadith of Hazrat Anas bin Malik (Radiallahuanhu): “Oh Messenger of Allah, when we give charity on behalf of our deceased and perform Haj on their behalf, do they receive the reward of these actions?” The beloved Prophet (ﷺ) replied: “Without a doubt, they do receive their rewards. Not only this but also they become very happy, just as anyone of you would become happy on receiving gifts”.

Also, the reason why we call it 11vi Shareef is that it is celebrated on the 11th day of every month. The number 11 in Urdu is known as Gyarvi Sharif, so that’s why they call it Gyarvi Shareef.


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