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Announcement: * RIC urgently needs Your help to EXPAND and EXTEND the masjid area to SERVICE the many people who pray here EVERY SINGLE DAY.**Please continue to pay your Friday donation! * Give £5 each Thank you** . جزاك اللهُ خيرً**
Announcement: * RIC urgently needs Your help to EXPAND and EXTEND the masjid area to SERVICE the many people who pray here EVERY SINGLE DAY.**Please continue to pay your Friday donation! * Give £5 each Thank you** . جزاك اللهُ خيرً**

Islamic Funeral Services

Funerals in Islam

Funeral prayer services (Janāzah) are held at the mosque and can be arranged via the main office. We conduct the preparation of bodies for funerals/burials and the coffin and have all the facilities to wash the deceased or maintain their cadaver in cold storage by Stoneman Funeral Services Doran Court.

The mosque ensures that the service aspect of a funeral is carried out as best as possible before the departed is taken to the graveyard. Note: Sitting Halls (Separate for men & women). Car parking facilities on the side roads. Easily accessible from all parts of Redhill Surrey.

                                      Funeral Arrangements

The choice of a firm of funeral directors is important, as you should feel comfortable and confident with them. They may be known to you personally, may be recommended by a friend, your GP or religious advisory or may have a long-established good reputation in your area.

They are here to help you and your family through a very difficult and traumatic time. You will find them approachable and sincere in ensuring the arrangements that need to be made will run as smoothly as possible.

The National Association of Funeral Directors and the Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors both have a code practice and members of these can provide an estimate of costs – their own and those fees they will pay on your behalf and add to the account.

Your funeral director can make all the arrangements for the funeral, burial or cremation, religious or secular service. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that you can only contact a funeral director once the death has been registered, this is not the case and we advise you to contact the local Mosque as soon as possible.

                                         What to Do After A Death

We appreciate that once death has been registered, there will still be a lot to deal with, both practically and emotionally. We have gathered some information that we hope will assist you over the days and weeks following your bereavement. One of the first things that you will need to do is to organize the funeral.

When you manage the affairs of someone who has died, you may need to correspond with a lot of organisation. You may also have to apply for probate to manage the deceased’s estate (money, property and possessions). People have different circumstances and the organisation you need to contact will vary.

We have compiled a checklist containing information about the usual organisations and departments that need to be informed following a person’s death. Whilst the list is not exhaustive, we hope that we have included the most likely services.

The Surrey Registrars will have registered you for the Tell Us Once service at your appointment where the deceased’s usual address was in the County of Surrey or in any participating area. If you use the full Tell Us Once Service, it will assist you with notifying many of the departments and services on our list so you will not need to contact them again.

Finally, you may wish to contact one of the many organisations that offer help and advice to those who are dealing with bereavement – please see our bereavement support page for details of such groups.

Redstone Cemetery

Cemeteries Officer – Redstone Cemetery
Philanthropic Road, Redhill
Phone: 01737 761592

Opened in 1932 Redstone Cemetery is located in Redhill, Surrey. Set on a hillside in 16 acres of colourful well-tended open countryside, it offers magnificent views over Surrey and Sussex from its elevated position.

The ambience of the cemetery is one of tranquillity and natural beauty, with many visitors frequently returning to visit the resting place of their loved one, to tend memorials, leave flowers or simply to feel comforted.

The cemetery is open to the public every day of the year from 7.30 am with pedestrian access available until dusk. The cemetery is closed to vehicles after 4.30 pm on weekdays but remains open until dusk at weekends and on Public Holidays.

                            Registering a Death in Reigate, Surrey

Leatherhead Register Office

The Mansion
70 Church Street
KT22 8DP

How to contact us:
Tel: 0300 200 1002 Email: registration.leatherhead@surreycc.gov.uk

Office opening times:
Monday and Tuesday: 9 am- 4.30 pm
Wednesday: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm
Thursday and Friday: 9 am – 4.30 pm

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