Knowledge of Unseen (Ilm ul Gaib)

We, The Ahle As Sunnah, believe that Allah has given the knowledge of the Ghayb (unseen), to the Prophet [May Allah bless him and grant him peace], and that it is also permissable to say that our Prophet [May Allah bless him and grant him peace] know

The Prophets Alaihim as Salam are Alive

The Ahl as-Sunnah wal Jama’ah holds an obstinate belief that the Prophets Alaihim as-Salam are Alive and life of the Prophets in their graves is firmly established through authentic and explicit proofs. The great Hadith Master, Imam Bayhaqi com

Jewels of Qur’an-e-Kareem

The Holy Prophet said: 1) The best of you is he who learns the Holy Quran and teaches it to others. (Bukhari) 2) Undoubtedly, the heart gets rusted like metal gets rusted when water goes over it. The people asked, “How can they [the hearts] be