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For School Visit

Before filling out this form you will need to know the following: Date of visit, with alternatives, if possible, and approximate times of arrival and departure. Number of children and adults in your group, ensuring you meet the ratios cited on the form itself. Age of the children in your group. Group leader's name and mobile number in case we need to make contact on the visit day. Any special educational needs that you think it will be helpful for us to know about. We will provide the 1-hour session for the visit, more time can be arranged on request and are subject to availability. Please feel free to ask any question send us Email.....

Conducting a Nikah

Conducting a Nikah at Redhill Jamia Mosque does NOT constitute a Marriage. Thus, it is very important that you register the civil marriage with your local registrar office before the Nikah. Under British law, couples who are only in a Nikah and without civil marriage are generally considered to be co-habiting. They do not have the same rights as couples in a civil marriage that is properly recognised under the law. The co-habiting couples would, therefore, have no certain rights in law as regards pensions, benefits or in the event of a dispute, separation, inheritance estate etc. For further information for Civil Marriage. Please contact us.

What do I do if death is expected?

If there is a family member who is ill or is expected to die soon, it is recommended that you contact RIC to get adequate information in preparation for death and the funeral process. There is some information on the near death page which will also be useful for the hospital, doctor or nursing home. Discuss this information with the doctor or hospital, so that they are made aware of your beliefs and also so that they understand the urgency in making the 'cause of death certificate" available. The entire process is intended to be very simple, with plenty of support from family and friends. There is no extravagance in any aspect of the funeral process.