Redhill Mosque Attack

Press Statement 

On 24/6/2017 12:15 some Mosque worshipers were attacked and abused by a group of 10 white males who were at the age of 30,35 and 40. This incident has happened outside the Chestnut pub in Earlswood.

After speaking to the Victim, they informed us that when they left the mosque around 12:15 am on the 24/06/2017 along with her daughter and nephew as they walked towards to their vehicle which was parked near the Chestnut pub.

They saw a group of 10 white males who were standing outside the Chestnut pub as they started to approach towards to their vehicle. These men start to shout at them with racial remarks and then all of them charged towards to their vehicle while they were sitting in the vehicle. They were kicking the vehicle, thumping and shaking, the landlord from the chestnut pub come out and try to stop them.

Now with this incident, victims are very frightened and upset but I have assured them that this information will be passed to the police but they have a requested for the police presence outside the mosque for the late prayers.

As you may aware that the number of Islamophobic incidents in the towns and cities has increased, from verbal abuse/ attacks on Muslim communities and criminal damage to the mosques has occurred such as Finsbury Park mosque attack. A similar attack took place in Newcastle where one person was dead and some were injured.

We are concerned about reports we are receiving about anti-Muslim acts. These are terrible anti-Muslim acts ranging from verbal abuse /attacks. We encourage any incidents to be reported as a hate crime but many people are very scared to talk about the problem or they don’t want to cause a fuss. We receive reports but I think incidents are under-reported.

Also, we have asked local council to invite all faith groups leader so we can get together to discuss that how we can combat this act of evil and prevent any split in the communities, as being the head of the Muslim community I strongly believe that terrorism itself is a great evil and therefore we must work together to protect our communities, therefore, so we can the finding the way forward and how we can prevent further attacks.

Just for the information, the Muslim Holy site Macca was attached yesterday by the terrorist and many pilgrims were killed and injured.

Just to give you some understanding report by the US government’s National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC), which said: “In cases where the religious affiliation of terrorism casualties could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97% of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years. Half of all terrorist attacks and 60% of fatalities due to terrorist attacks took place in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan – all of which have a mostly Muslim population.

Now Muslims are fearing that they will be blamed, the fear that the religious symbols and clothes they hold dear are becoming symbols of terror and hatred, the fear that their children and their families will become estranged from the communities in which they live.

Finally, the terrorist has the aim to achieve which to create a split in the communities and creating unrest. One must understand such group of people have no religion they are working on the agenda to destroy communities.

I believe that Media has very important role to play to educate the general public that such evil minded people have no respect for any religion or race if you are Muslim or not Muslim they will attack. As a society, we need to be more proactive and find better ways to defeat those who want to destroy our lives.

Once again thanks for your help and your support.

Many Thanks

Kind Regards,

Head of Muslim Community Borough of Reigate and Banstead
Phone number: 01737-760251

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