The Hajj Guide

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam and for many Muslims, it is the journey of a lifetime.  It is therefore absolutely essential that a Muslim be prepared for this obligation in all ways. Below we provide resources, audio and articles to help you

Important Islamic Jurisprudence

Important Islamic Jurisprudence Terminology Fard – Obligatory: An act commanded by Allah in the Holy Qur’an is known as Fard. The following explains a Fard in detail: a. An act that is obligatory to be executed b. It has been proven by rigorously


The Holy Prophet has stated, “The key to paradise is Prayer (Salaat), and the key to Prayer is cleanliness.” (Saheeh Muslim). Here cleanliness means that the place of Prayer and the person’s clothes should be clean. Furthermore, the per

Manners of Visiting the Graves

Hadrat Buraidah Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam said, “I forbade you to visit graves, but visit them.” [Sahih Muslim, Book on Funerals, Vol. 1, Page 314] Hadrat Ibn Mas’ud Radi Alla

Hadith in Urdu

Sayings of the Messenger احادیثِ رسول اللہ ﷺ ذکر الہٰی کی فضیلت۔ سیدنا ابوموسیٰ اشعری رضی اللہ عنہ نے کہا کہ نبی کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا “

Our Daughters are a Blessing Not a Burden

Children are no doubt a great gift from Almighty Allah to all parents. Parents must think of their children as such treasures that the all the wealth and material resources are worthless as when compared to one’s children. We, as parents, shoul

Kissing the Thumbs

Kissing the Thumbs الحمد للّٰه الذي نورعيون المسلمين بنورعين اعيان المرسلين، والصّلاة والسلام علي نورالعيون سرورالقلب المحزون محمد نالرفيع ذكر